Love Is A Many-Splendored THING • Gene Rains (Lotus Land)

Will LOVE Ever Find Chastity Rose • The Pillbugs (The 3-Dimensional In-Popcycle Dream)

Can't FIND My House • Mitchell Froom (Slamdance - Soundtrack)

Now I CAN’T Find The Door • Sam Phillips (Cruel Inventions)

I Was Just Walking Out The DOOR • Jim Reeves (The Intimate Jim Reeves)

WALKING In Space • Mort Garson (Electronic Hair Pieces)

No Time No SPACE • Franco Battiato (Mondi Lontanissimi)

TIME On My Hands • Esquivel (Infinity in Sound Vol. 2)

Shake HANDS with Your Uncle Max • Allan Sherman (My Son, The Folk Singer)

The Monkey's UNCLE • Annette Funicello (At Bikini Beach)

The MONKEY with the Golden Fez • Clouseaux (Beyond Good and Evil)

GOLDEN Gate Twist • Henry Mancini (Experiment In Terror)

Hong Kong TWIST • Gert Wilden And Orchestra (I Told You Not To Cry)

HONG KONG Holiday • Robert Maxwell (Spectacular Harps)

Mexican HOLIDAY • Roy Etzel (Spanish Brass)

MEXICAN Road Race • Herb Alpert (SRO)

Ghost on the ROAD • Guadalcanal Diary (Walking in the Shadow of the Big Man)

Mr. GHOST Goes To Town • John Buzon Trio (Inferno!)

My Kind of TOWN • The Tunesmen (Art Records ALP-61)

A Groovy KIND of Love • Mrs. Miller (Will Success Spoil Mrs. Miller?)

LOVE Is A Many-Splendored Thing • Gene Rains (Lotus Land)


Love Is A Many-Splendored THING • Arthur Lyman (Love for Sale)

Will You LOVE Me In December As You Do In May • John Linnell (Hello Recording Club 1996/08: House Of Mayors)

MAY I Take a Giant Step (Into Your Heart) • Jim Laspesa with Michael Quercio (V/A: Right to Chews: Bubblegum Classics Revisited)

STEP Inside Love • Helmut Zacharias (Light My Fire)

It's All Happening on the INSIDE • Boyce & Hart (It's All Happening on the Inside)

ALL Day and All The Night • Tutti Camarata (I'll Take Las Vegas)

What a Difference a DAY Made • Edmundo Ros (New Rhythms of the South)

WHAT Are We Gonna Do In '64? • The Wildcats (Strung Out On Something New: The Reprise Recordings)

Walk Don't Run '64 • The Ventures (Walk Don't Run Vol. 2)

I Just Learned to RUN • Lee Hazlewood (The LHI Years: Singles, Nudes & Backsides (1968-71))

Dr. Strangelove's Assistant or: How I LEARNED to Stop Worrying and Love the Marimba • Chris Stamey (A Question of Temperature)

HOW Does It Get Loose • Wazmo Nariz (The Impala Studios Mystery Tape)

LOOSE Caboose • Henry Mancini (Breakfast at Tiffany's)

God Sleeps In A CABOOSE • Stan Ridgway (Live at Cafe Du Nord 2004)

GOD Knows I'm Good • David Bowie (Man of Words/Man of Music [a.k.a Space Oddity])

GOOD Cop Bad Cop • Shadowy Men On A Shadowy Planet (Savvy Show Stoppers)

Time COP • .357 Lover (The Diorama of the Golden Lion)

Once Upon a TIME in the West • Spaghetti Western Orchestra (Live)

When You Wish UPON a Star • The Three Suns (Swingin' on a Star)

I WISH You Love • Friends Of Dean Martinez (The Shadow Of Your Smile)

LOVE Is A Many-Splendored Thing • Arthur Lyman (Love for Sale)