Cool-Poppie Cocktail Swing-THING • Commander X (The Impala Studios Mystery Tape)

Moonlight COCKTAIL • Lenny Dee (Most Requested!)

MOONLIGHT Shuffle • The Three Suns (Swingin' on a Star)

Riverboat SHUFFLE • Hoagy Carmichael (Ole Buttermilk Sky)

RIVERBOAT Theme • Buddy Morrow (Double Impact)

Green Spider THEME • Gert Wilden And Orchestra (I Told You Not To Cry)

Symphony For A SPIDER Plant • Mort Garson (Mother Earth's Plantasia - Warm Earth Music For Plants And The People Who Love Them)

Dark Spanish SYMPHONY ['50s Version] • Rubber City (Wild At Heart)

DARK River • Les Baxter (African Blue)

RIVER Of Men • John Lurie (Fishing With John: Original Music From The Series By John Lurie)

Seven MEN • Francesco De Masi (Classic Italian Soundtracks-Spaghetti Westerns Volume Two)

SEVEN Faces • John Barry Seven (The Best Of The EMI Years)

City FACES • Eldon Rathburn (Labyrinthe)

A Friend In The CITY • Andy Kim (Greatest Hits)

Lone Ranger Ain't My FRIEND Anymore • Lee Hazlewood (I'll Be Your Baby Tonight)

Ringo, The LONE Rider - Sequence 1 • Francesco De Masi (Classic Italian Soundtracks-Spaghetti Westerns Volume Four)

Night RIDER • Hugo Montenegro (Good Vibrations)

NIGHT on Witches Mountain • Johnny Puleo and his Harmonica Gang (Vol. 2)

High On A MOUNTAIN • Stan Ridgway & Pietra Wexstun (Silly Songs For Kids, Vol. 1)

Hang 'Em HIGH • Leroy Holmes/Al Caiola (Non-Stop Western Themes)

Let's HANG On • Percy Faith (Themes for the "In" Crowd)

LET'S Go • Wilf Edwards (Betty Page Jungle Girl)

Where Do I GO • James Last (Hair)


The Going THING • Ford Motor Co. (The Going Thing 1970)

GOING Down • Gary Hamilton (HAIR - Original London Cast Recording)

The Sun Goes DOWN • Dave Dee Dozy Beaky Mick & Tich (Fontana single)

Mambo SUN • T.Rex (Electric Warrior)

Syncopated Clock MAMBO • Perez Prado (Mambo Happy!)

25 O' CLOCK • Dukes of Stratosphear (Chips from the Chocolate Fireball)

In the Year 2525 • Ted Heath (The Big Ones)

The Hottest Day of the YEAR • Barry Booth (Diversions!)

DAY in the Country • Neil Innes (Recollections 2)

Place IN THE COUNTRY (Demo) • Adam Ant (Friend or Foe Deluxe)

Theme from a Summer PLACE • The Tornados (Telstar: The Complete Tornados)

Green Leaves of SUMMER • The Ventures (The Colorful Ventures)

Lullaby of the LEAVES • Arthur Lyman (Leis of Jazz)

Whispering Reef LULLABY • Arthur Lyman (Hawaiian Sunset)

WHISPERING Wind • Alfred Newman & Ken Darby (Ports of Paradise)

Slow Hot WIND • Henry Mancini (Symphonic Soul)

SLOW Down • Travelogue (The Noise Is Only Temporary)

Going DOWN SLOW [Instrumental] • Spiritualized (Do It All Over Again)

The GOING Thing • Ford Motor Co. (The Going Thing 1970)