Your Good THING (Is About To End) • Lou Rawls (The Very Best Of Lou Rawls: You'll Never Find Another)

Please Don't Talk ABOUT Me When I'm Gone • Ann-Margret (Let Me Entertain You)

GONE The Distance (Live in Studio) • Stan Ridgway (KCRW Appearance - Feb. 20, 1996)

Keep Your DISTANCE • Richard Thompson (Rumor & Sigh)

Little Things (That KEEP Us Together) • Scott Walker (Boy Child: 67-70)

Boys And Girls TOGETHER • The Mamas & The Papas (Deliver)

GIRLS Talk • Pollo del Mar (Continental Magazine #12 Sampler)

Too Much TALK • Paul Revere & The Raiders (Columbia Single)

TOO MUCH Too Young • Special AKA (The 2 Tone Collection: A Checkered Past)

Sweet YOUNG Thing • The Monkees (The Monkees)

SWEET Smiling Children • Johnny Rivers (Rewind)

When You're SMILING • Dick Hyman (Harpsichord in Hi Fi)

Knowing WHEN To Leave • Hugo Montenegro (Good Vibrations)

Don't Ever LEAVE Me • Connie Francis (V/A: One Kiss Can Lead to Another - Girl Group Sounds Lost and Found)

DON’T Go Breaking My Heart • Wondermints (Wonderful World Of Wondermints)

Shadows BREAKING Over My Head • The Left Banke (There's Gonna Be A Storm - The Complete Recordings 1966-1969)

Diamond HEAD • Martin Denny (20 Golden Hawaiian Hits)

Dancing DIAMONDs • Les Baxter (Jewels of the Sea)

DANCING With Tears In My Eyes • The Three Suns (Movin' 'n' Groovin’)

TEARS On A Rainy Sunday • Dee Walker (Dial 'L' for Love)

I Sing Last/Not For TEARS • Men Without Hats (Folk of the 80's (Part III))


The LAST THING On My Mind • The Mystic Moods Orchestra (Extensions)

The LAST Of The Secret Agents • Nancy Sinatra (The Hit Years)

Double AGENT Entertainment • Barry Gray (Joe 90 - soundtrack)

Short DOUBLE Latte • Combustible Edison (Schizophonic!)

SHORT Change • After the Fire (Batteries Not Included)

Time For A CHANGE (live) • Split Enz (Spellbound)

TIME Out For Fun • Devo (Oh, No! It's Devo)

Checking OUT The Checkout Girl • Wazmo Nariz (These People Are Nuts!)

Goodbye GIRL • Squeeze (Cool for Cats)

Hey, That's No Way To Say GOODBYE • Ian McCulloch (I’m Your Fan: The Songs Of Leonard Cohen)

NO WAY TO Go But Up • Annette Funicello (Annette Sings Anka)

The WAY Things Ought TO Be • Julie Covington (The Beautiful Changes)

Good TO BE Alive • The Pillbugs (Buzz for Aldrin)

TO Keep My Love ALIVE • Sophia Loren (Sophia Loren Greatest Hits)

KEEP Your Dreams • Primal Scream (XTRMNTR)

Come To My House Of DREAMS • Leo Diamond (Subliminal Sounds)

The HOUSE is Haunted • Sid Bass (With Bells On)

HAUNTED Castle • Stan Ridgway (Missing Links - Music For Film Volume One)

This Room Is My CASTLE of Quiet •  Dr. Samuel J Hoffman w/ Billy May (Music For Peace of Mind)

Love In Every ROOM • Tony Mottola (with The Groovies) (Warm, Wild & Wonderful)