The Now THING • Jimmy McGriff (Soul Sauce)

The Army's Tired NOW • They Might Be Giants (They Got Lost)

So TIRED • Jean Goldkette & His Orchestra (Hoagy Carmichael Sings & Plays 1927-1960)

You're SO Bad For Me • Ethel Azama (Cool Heat)

BAD Man • Juicy Bananas (Repo Man - Soundtrack)

Wanted MAN • Frankie Laine (Hell Bent for Leather)

WANTED Johnny Texas - Main Titles • Marcello Gigante/Alessandro Nadin/Aristide Bascerano (Classic Italian Soundtracks-Spaghetti Westerns Volume One)

Yellow Rose Of TEXAS • Eddy Manson (Percussion Sounds and the Harmonica)

YELLOW Sun • Les Baxter (The Colors Of Brazil/African Blue)

SUN Girl • Roger Webb (Betty Page Jungle Girl)

Checking Out The Checkout GIRL • Wazmo Nariz (These People Are Nuts!)

Goin' OUT of My Head • Exponians of the Steel Orchestra (Exponians of the Steel Orchestra)

Life After Diamond HEAD • Men Without Hats (Sideways)

Someone To Light Up My LIFE • Scott Walker (Classics & Collectibles)

Sweet SOMEONE • Martin Denny (Hawaii Goes A Go-Go)

SWEET Ride • Dusty Springfield (Califia - The Songs Of Lee Hazlewood)

RIDE the Dark Hills Home • Leo Diamond (Skin Diver Suite)

On the DARK Side of the Moon • Frank Comstock (Music from Outer Space)

The Far SIDE Of The Moon • David McCallum (Music… A Part of Me)

FAR Across The Sea • Gene Rains (The Call Of The Tropics)

Angry SEA (Weimea) • The Rumblers (Revenge Of The Surf Instrumentals)

ANGRY Generation • The Woodchucks (You Turned My Head Around: Lee Hazlewood Industries 1967-1970)


This THING Has Started • OK Go (12 Months of OK Go)

Over 'Fore It STARTED • Caesars Palace (Love For The Streets)

Stop & Think It OVER • Mary Weiss (Dangerous Game)

When I THINK of You • Twiggy (V/A: Girl Group Sounds Lost & Found)

WHEN Julie Comes Around • The Cuff Links (Tracy)

JULIE Is Her Name • Perez Prado (Rockambo)

My NAME is Nobody • Ennio Morricone (My Name Is Nobody)

Like NOBODY Else • Lord Sitar (Lord Sitar)

Nowhere ELSE • The Seventy Sevens (Sticks and Stones)

Theme from NOWHERE • Kai Winding (Mondo Cane #2)

THEME Without a Name • The Dave Clark Five (Return)

Pride (In the NAME of Love) • The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra (Pride: The RPO Plays U2)

She Makes LOVE with Her Eyes • Boy-O-Boy (V/A: No Sense of History)

Look Through the EYES of a Fool • Roy Wood (Mustard)

LOOK Out, There's a Monster Coming • The Bonzo Dog Doo-Dah Band (Gorilla)

Twelve Thirty (Young Girls are COMING to the Canyon) • The Mamas & The Papas (The Papas & The Mamas)

Echo CANYON • Ferrante & Teicher (Dynamic Twin Pianos)

Little Sir ECHO • Marty Gold (It's Magic)

To SIR With Love • Lulu (To Sir With Love)

Our LOVE Started All Over Again • Keith (98.6/Ain't Gonna Lie)

This Thing Has STARTED • OK Go (12 Months of OK Go)