What's That Blue THING Doing Here? • They Might Be Giants (Apollo 18)

The Moon is BLUE • Frank Comstock (Music from Outer Space)

MOON Over Rio • Robert Farnon (Betty Page Jungle Girl)

Flying Down To RIO • Martin Denny (Latin Village)

A Most Excellent FLYING Death • Clouseaux (Lagoon!)

How To Open At Will The MOST Beautiful Window • Lalo Schifrin (There's A Whole Lalo Schifrin Goin' On)

Who WILL Buy • Nancy Sinatra (Movin' With Nancy)

Daddy BUY Baby A Boobjob • Andy Prieboy (Sins Of Our Fathers)

You Must Have Been A Beautiful BABY • Heller Corporation (Brief Bouncers)

Some BEAUTIFUL • Jack Wild (The Jack Wild Album)

SOME Days There Just Ain't No Fish • Hoagy Carmichael (Ole Buttermilk Sky)

FISH Story • Andy Loore (Water Show)

The True STORY Of Ziggy Stardust And The Spiders From Mars • Andy Prieboy (Demos and Unreleased Live Tracks)

The Little Man From MARS • Perrey & Kingsley (The In Sound From Way Out!)

LITTLE Green Apples • Tony Mottola (Guitar Underground)

Dark GREEN • The Coctails (Hello Recording Club 1995/08)

DARK Eyes Fantasy • Richard Hayman (Harmonica Holiday)

Can't Take My EYES Off You • Lenny Dee (Gentle On My Mind)

I'll TAKE Las Vegas • Mike Hudson (I'll Take Las Vegas)

I'LL Never Fall In Love Again • Susumu Arima and His Misty Sounds (The Dock Of The Bay - New Created Sounds)

NEVER My Love • Exponians of the Steel Orchestra (Exponians of the Steel Orchestra)


Happiness Is a THING Called Joe • Robert Maxwell (Red Hot Harp)

Hey JOE • Cher (With Love)

HEY Mama • Annette Funicello (Annette Sings Anka)

Goose Step MAMA • Shonen Knife (V/A: Rutles Highway Revisited)

Mother GOOSE Twist • Keely Smith (Twist with Keely Smith)

I Wish I Was Your MOTHER • Mott the Hoople (Mott)

When You WISH Upon a Star • The Three Suns (Swingin' on a Star)

Catch a Falling STAR • Block (Timing Is Everything)

CATCH Us If You Can • The Dave Clark Five (Having a Wild Weekend)

I CAN Fly • The Herd (Paradise Lost)

We CAN FLY • The Cowsills (We Can Fly)

How High CAN you FLY • Ween (Shinola - Vol 1)

HIGH on the Horse • .357 Lover (The Diorama of the Golden Lion)

Black HORSE • Perez Prado (RCA Victor single)

BLACK Heart (Live) • Calexico (Spiritoso)

You Belong to My HEART • Michel Magne (Tropical Fantasy)

We Don't BELONG • Sylvan (V/A: Girl Group Sounds Lost and Found)

What You DON'T Want to Hear • Sam Phillips (The Indescribable Wow)

Let Me HEAR You • Yma Sumac (Miracles)

LET ME Entertain You • Ann-Margret (Let Me Entertain You)

Don't Cry Joe (LET Her Go) • The Kirby Stone Four (The "Go" Sound)

Happiness Is a Thing Called JOE • Robert Maxwell (Red Hot Harp)