A Quiet THING • Al Caiola (Sounds for Spies and Private Eyes)

QUIET Village cha cha cha • Pete Rugolo (Exotic Sounds Of Quiet Village - compilation)

Greenwich VILLAGE Folk Song Salesman • Nancy Sinatra & Lee Hazlewood (Fairy Tales & Fantasies: The Best of Nancy Sinatra and Lee Hazlewood)

Death of a SALESMAN - end credits • Robert Drasnin (Death of a Salesman)

DEATH Ship • Hoodoo Gurus (Stoneage Romeos)

Please Mr.Columbus (Turn The SHIP Around) • Lou Monte (The Very Best Of Lou Monte)

Do The Lurk AROUND • Stereophonic Space Sound Unlimited (Spooky Sound Sessions)

LURK Him • Howard Shore (Ed Wood - Soundtrack)

Get HIM, Boys! • Syd Dale (Spider-Man: Music From The KPM Music Library)

GET Up And Get It • Jackie Mittoo (The Keyboard King Of Studio One)

UP, UP And Away • Oranj Symphonette (The Oranj Album)

Walk AWAY • Living Guitars (Guitar Man)

Baby Elephant WALK • Lenny Dee (Most Requested!)

Darn It BABY, That's Love • Billy and Babs  Dengler (Billy & Babs At the Orchard Park Symphony Ball)

DARN That Dream • Vincent Bell (The Soundtronic Guitar of Vincent Bell)

When I Grow Too Old To DREAM • Duke Mitchell (Tonight We Eat, Tomorrow We Shoot)

The OLD Boat • Eden Ahbez (Eden's Island)

BOAT Of Car • They Might Be Giants (They Might Be Giants)

The CAR Of Tomorrow - Today! • Joe Jackson (Tucker: The Man And His Dream - Soundtrack)

TOMORROW Your Heart • Honey LTD. (The Complete LHI Recordings)

Hey, Here's A HEART • Gary McFarland & Gabor Szabo (Simpatico)

HEY Look Me Over • Heller Corporation (Brief Bouncers)

OVER the Rainbow • The Three Suns (Swingin' on a Star)

I've Been OVER THE RAINBOW • Mort Garson & Jacques Wilson (The Wozard Of Iz)

When The RAINBOW Disappears • The Kitchen Cinq (You Turned My Head Around: Lee Hazlewood Industries 1967-1970)


Soul THING • Paul Raven (MCA UK single)

SOUL Bird • Jackie Mittoo (Wishbone)

The BIRD That You Can't See • The Apples in Stereo (The Discovery of a World Inside the Moone)

I Can SEE Clearly Now • Tom Jones (Celebration)

Both Sides NOW • Dick Hyman (The Age of Electronicus)

What the World Needs NOW Is Love • Enoch Light (Spaced Out)

She NEEDS Me • Fyfe Dangerfield (Fly Yellow Moon)

I Want Her SHE Wants ME • The Zombies (Odessey & Oracle)

I Only WANT to Be With You • Ash (Barbie EP)

It's ONLY Divine Right • The New Pornographers (Electric Version)

DIVINE Instant • Daniel Amos (Darn Floor Big Bite)

INSTANT Guitars • The Ventures (Twist Party Vol. 2)

GUITARS in Space • Billy Mure (Supersonic Guitars)

That Crazy Place IN Outer SPACE • Annette Funicello (Annette)

London Is the PLACE For Me • Edmundo Ros (In Concert)

Late Night LONDON • Syd Dale (The Sounds of Syd Dale)

One NIGHT In Tokyo • Perez Prado (Perez Prado in Japan!)

TOKYO Mon Amour • Stereo Total (My Melody)

Le Grand AMOUR • Nicoletta (V/A: Pop à Paris)

GRAND Funk • Jackie Mittoo (Wishbone)