Guitar THING • Tony Mottola (Guitar Factory)

GUITAR Underground • Tony Mottola (Guitar Underground)

Build Your House UNDERGROUND • Kava Kon (Departure Exotica)

The HOUSE at the Top of the Tree • They Might Be Giants (No!)

Big Green TREE • Stan Ridgway (Neon Mirage)

On GREEN Dolphin Street • Lenny Dee (Most Requested!)

Baker STREET Mystery • Al Caiola (Sounds for Spies and Private Eyes)

Man of MYSTERY • Al Caiola (Sounds for Spies and Private Eyes)

Where No MAN Has Gone Before • Leonard Nimoy (Mr. Spock's Music From Outer Space)

WHERE Have All The Flowers GONE • Arthur Lyman (Polynesia)

Put Your Money WHERE Your Mouth Is • Brian Dewan (Live at the Auk)

I Want To Hold YOUR Hand • The Lennon Sisters (#1 Hits of the 1960s)

When I HOLD You In My Arms (Comm'a Bella'a Stagione) • Lou Monte (The Very Best Of Lou Monte)

Almost In Your ARMS • Sophia Loren (Sophia Loren Greatest Hits)

ALMOST Perfect Indiscretion • Ennio Morricone (Bloodline - Soundtrack)

The PERFECT Song • Richard Hayman (Let's Get Together)

The Fat SONG • Barry Mann/Cynthia Weill (Angel, Angel, Down We Go - Soundtrack)

FAT Boy • Det Moor Orchestra w/Bob Mersey (Jazz From Great TV Shows)

BOY Child • Scott Walker (Boy Child: 67-70)

Cancer - The Moon CHILD • Mort Garson (The Zodiac - Cosmic Sounds)

Fly Me to the MOON • Dick Hyman at the Lowery Organ, and His Orchestra (Electrodynamics)

Tropical MOON • Haitian Orchestra (Latin Lounge: A Nostalgic Collection)

TROPICAL • Michel Magne & His Orchestra (Tropical Fantasy)


When the Wrong THING Happens • Chevrolet (Chevrolet Sings of Safe Driving and You)

Now It's All Gone WRONG • Ishmael United (If You Can't Shout Saved!…)

Pictures of the GONE World [instrumental mix] • Daniel Amos (Darn Floor - Big Bite 20th Anniversary Deluxe)

Patricia's Moving PICTURE • The Go! Team (Proof of Youth)

MOVING Like a River • Kurt Russell (Kurt Russell)

RIVER Deep, Mountain High • Darlene Love (Leader of the Pack)

Ain't No MOUNTAIN HIGH Enough • Claudine Longet (The Very Best of…)

This Town AIN'T Big ENOUGH For Both Of Us • Sparks (Plagiarism)

Get Out of TOWN • Enoch Light (A New Concept)

I GET a Kick OUT OF You • Enoch Light (A New Concept)

Ain't That a KICK in the Head • Dean Martin (V/A: Cocktail Mix Vol. 2)

Diamond HEAD • James Darren/Johnny Williams (Diamond Head OST)

DIAMONDs! • Bryan Scary (Daffy's Elixir)

She's Got DIAMONDS in Her Hair • Biff Bang Pow! (Bertula Pop)

Black Is the Color of My True Love's HAIR • Arthur Lyman (Call of the Midnight Sun)

BLACK Beauty • Bert Kaempfert (A Swingin' Safari)

BEAUTY Hula • Webley Edwards (Fire Goddess)

Lovely HULA Hands • Leo Addeo (Paradise Regained)

He's Very Good with His HANDS • Barry Booth (Diversions!)